Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bonjour Camille

Bonjour Camille

Felipe Cano & Laia Aguilar

Created by Spanish duo Felipe Cano and Laia Aguilar, Bonjour Camille follows a day in the life of one young girl and her many activities.  Donning a tutu and top hat, Camille’s list of things to do is anything but ordinary; from jumping on the bed to painting faces on balloons, hiding all the umbrellas to choosing a new favourite colour, Camille’s personality is certainly individual.

Naturally it stands to reason then that the book’s aesthetic would itself be as stylistically independent as the girl it depicts.  With coarse brushstrokes, bold shapes and repeat patterns, Aguilar delivers a raw aesthetic that is delightful to observe.  The juxtaposition between muted ice-cream tones and black scribbles work wonderfully, providing a petite book packed full of energy and intrigue.  What makes this book even more unusual is that though the protagonist is rarely seen amidst all the activities, her energetic presence is always felt.  Another lovely feature to the book is the ever-changing scale of text, which places greater emphasis on parts of the text and creates a sense of light and shade within the narrative; when Camille’s mother shouts, you hear it through the pages!   With each turn of the page offering the unexpected, this gem of a book is guaranteed to make you smile as you admire one girl’s playful imagination.  

Bursting with charm and dynamism, Bonjour Camille offers a markedly different approach to many of the picture books in the market today, making it a must-have in our eyes.  If you like your books packed full of personality, then Bonjour Camille is definitely one for you. 

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