Friday, 13 March 2015

The Best Book In The World! by Rilla Alexander

The Best Book In The World!
Rilla Alexander

The Best Book In The World is a bold book title, a title that is perfectly matched by Rilla Alexander’s design and colour choices; timidity does not feature.  Using just four colours overlaid upon one another to create more, Rilla’s palette may be limited but her imagination is not.  From the moment you open its striking clothbound cover, you will be whisked away on an adventure, the sort that only the best books can provide. 

The title itself is alluding to the feelings of reading a book so good you can’t put it down, one that travels with you everywhere and takes you on journeys of the head and the heart.  We follow Sozi, distinctively bright red, as she travels absorbed in the book that she is reading, unable to tear herself from it no matter where in the world she is.  The illustrations follow her physical journey from one location to the next, cleverly intertwined with a text that takes you on the breathtaking ride you go on when you find that perfect book.  We watch as she reads in bed, sleds down mountainsides, rides the waves and climbs over sleeping beasts; each page evoking a story of its very own.  From wide-open desert sands to bustling futuristic cities, the possibilities are endless.  Versatile and vibrant, Rilla’s characters and worlds are as unlimited as those on offer on the best of bookshelves and in the greatest libraries.  Her pages are full of life and colour, and her design is flawless.  Her use of space, particularly negative space, is innovative, lively and exceptional.  One of our favourite pages is Sozi, sat on a suitcase, just fitting onto the page, as she is dragged behind travellers whose legs are the only part of them we can see.  It is a book brimming with movement and filled with life.

A celebration of reading and a reminder of how exciting books can be, The Best Book in The World might just live up to its title.  With a sweet ending which reminds us that ‘the story won’t stop…if we go back to the beginning again!’ we know this is a book you will read again and again…just like we did.

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